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Waveley Security has designed and installed large monitored, fully functional systems for blue chip companies throughout the UK.

The CCTV equipment on the open market is vast, with high resolution colour day/night, min dome, external speed domes and covert cameras. There is something to suit every installation. 

Whether you have a domestic home, retail or commercial property, or are within the public sector we can provide the facility to watch your property from your mobile phone or PC, which gives greater peace of mind. 

Commercial and domestic installations have the option to be connected to our 24/7, 365 day Central Monitoring Centre via your broadband line. This can give remote viewing if movement is detected on external detection. These external monitoring devices detect intruders before they get to the main building and are ideal for storage yards where stock is kept externally.

Continued recording of any site is constant and will record for 30 days or longer, depending on the size of the recording hard drive, giving you the facility to review recording should there be an incident. The incident can then be recorded on a disc and passed to the Police or senior management for review. 

Police response to CCTV controlled alarm activations are governed by the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Security Systems Policy. In order to obtain a police response for your CCTV controlled alarm system, the system must be installed to the appropriate European Standard and then will qualify for a Unique Reference Number, ensuring a Level One visual verification police response, which is effectively immediate.