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Waveley prides itself in supplying multiple solutions to all our customers in Access Control. Each system is designed with varied locking devices, such as magnetic locks, rim latch lock release or solenoid bolts. These are installed ensuring that each locking device can be released by interfacing each lock with the fire alarm system making sure the locks release in the event of a fire alarm activation which meets the current fire alarm and building control legislation.

There are three main components to an Access Control System:

1. The physical barrier – To physically restrict access to a building or location via such methods as doors; secured by either a magnetic or strike lock, or can be revolving or sliding.

2. The identification device – There are a number of different technologies used to identify users of an access control system, from a simple fob to a biometric (fingerprint recognition) system.

3. The door controller and software – The door controller and software are at the heart of the system and are used to decide who can gain access though an access point at what time of the day.

These can vary depending on the size of the system and how many readers or sites you are trying to control from one point. This can range from a standalone door controller linked to a single door with no software to more complex systems which have over 500 doors. They can be connected to a computer for setting areas and access levels, as well as Fire Roll Calling for evacuation of all staff in case of a fire activation.

There are various varieties and features of Access Control which are user-friendly and cost-effective to the end user.